Tuesday, 4 April 2017

I have just realised that my last post on the blog was at the beginning of December!  Where has the time gone?

One of the reasons for the lack of posting is that we have been so busy working on our new Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest (OHCA) resources, which are due for completion in October, 2017.  For me, the most exciting aspect of this development is the way we are using personal narratives to inform our resource content.  Stuart, from the University of Edinburgh's interactive content development team has been using his new, very snazzy mobile phone technology to film OHCA survivors and their families, and those bereaved by OHCA telling their own, very personal stories.  We are then using the themes that emerge from these narratives to base our resource content on. Listening to these stories has been a very humbling and, at times, emotional experience for me and has given me much greater insight into the impact that an OHCA can have on individuals and families.  Very powerful stuff! I'm looking forward to seeing the fully edited versions of the films.

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